For that special day, a Cab guayabera.



Guayaberas para bodas

The guayabera has become the ideal garment for all kinds of social events, baptisms, weddings, anniversaries or simply family reunions. Beaches, gardens, open places are perfect settings both in tropical or temperate climates.

Day or night The guayabera is also perfect for both options. Every day the events that request the guayabera as a rule of etiquette are more frequent..

Elegance is the main characteristic of a guayabera and if we add comfort to it then the result is the ideal garment. But to achieve this elegance and comfort a perfect fit is essential. A guayabera that is too wide or long is not the best option. The guayabera must have the correct body and sleeve length, as well as the appropriate slack, the result will be a good impression.

Long or short sleeve. We recommend long sleeves and if you want more elegance then the double cuff is what you need..

But if you are one of those who buy a guayabera just for the social event you were invited to, you are wasting the opportunity to look good on a daily basis. You can use it for a meal with the family, a work dinner or a meeting with friends. This is one of the many reasons why the guayabera is becoming more popular every day.


Guayaberas Cab.


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